Your question: What are some famous protests?

What are some of the most famous protests?

The 10 Protests That Changed the Course of History Forever

  1. Gandhi’s Salt March (March – April 1930) …
  2. The Storming of the Bastille (July 14, 1789) …
  3. The March on Washington (August 28, 1963) …
  4. Selma to Montgomery (March 24, 1964) …
  5. Take Back the Night. …
  6. Tiananmen Square (May – June 1989)

What is a famous protest?

1963: March on Washington

More than 200,000 protesters gathered for a peaceful demonstration outside the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. to call for racial equality in August 1963. There, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his now-iconic “I Have a Dream” speech. The protest put pressure on President John F.

What is the biggest protest in history?

According to the French academic Dominique Reynié, between 3 January and 12 April 2003, 36 million people across the globe took part in almost 3,000 anti‑war protests, the demonstrations on 15 February 2003 being the largest and most prolific. The invasion of Iraq began on 20 March 2003.

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What protests happened in 2020?


  • 1.1 Ahmaud Arbery protests, May 8, 2020.
  • 1.2 NFAC protests, May 12, 2020.
  • 1.3 Breonna Taylor protests, May 26, 2020; jury verdict protests, September 23, 2020.
  • 1.4 George Floyd protests, May 26, 2020–ongoing.
  • 1.5 George Floyd Square occupied protest, May 26, 2020 – June 20, 2021.

What types of protests are there?


  • 3.1 Written demonstration.
  • 3.2 Civil disobedience demonstrations.
  • 3.3 As a residence.
  • 3.4 Destructive.
  • 3.5 Non-destructive.
  • 3.6 Direct action.
  • 3.7 Against a government.
  • 3.8 Against a military shipment.

What was the biggest protest in US history?

2017 Women’s March

The primary demonstration took place in Washington, DC, drawing a crowd of more than 470,000, but the total number of people who participated in the protests nationwide was between 3.3 and 5.6 million, making the Women’s March the largest one-day protest in US history.

What are some famous American protest movements?


Rank Name Attendance
1 George Floyd Protests/2020–2021 United States racial unrest 15,000,000 – 26,000,000
2 Earth Day 20,000,000
3 2017 Women’s March 3,300,000–5,600,000
4 March for Our Lives 1,200,000-2,000,000

What are some examples of peaceful protest?

Some general methods include boycotting certain products, participating in a march or a sit-in, displaying a particular symbol, and handing out flyers. There are many examples of this practice in history. One of the most well-known peaceful protesters was Indian activist and spiritual leader Mohandas Gandhi.

What are some examples of nonviolent protests?

Tactics of nonviolent resistance, such as bus boycotts, Freedom Rides, sit-ins, marches, and mass demonstrations, were used during the Civil Rights Movement.

What was the first protest in America?

The Boston Tea Party was the first significant act of rebellion by American colonist against the British.

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How many riots are in the US in 2020?

By early June, at least 200 American cities had imposed curfews, while more than 30 states and Washington, D.C, had activated over 62,000 National Guard personnel in response to unrest.

2020–2022 United States racial unrest
Date May 25, 2020 – present (1 year, 7 months, 3 weeks and 3 days)
Location United States

What is black lives matter for Kids?

Being Antiracist. “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t mean that only Black lives matter. It means that racism unfairly affects Black lives—the Black Lives Matter movement is calling on everyone to change that.

What are some topics to protest about?


  • 1 Presidents.
  • 2 Party conventions.
  • 3 Issues. 3.1 Abortion. 3.2 Environment. 3.3 Globalization. 3.4 Guns. 3.5 Immigration. 3.6 Labor. 3.7 LGBTQ+ rights. 3.8 Race. 3.9 Religion. 3.10 Response to Coronavirus. 3.11 Taxes. 3.12 War. 3.13 Women’s rights. 3.14 Other.

How many countries have protested?

Protests have taken place in over 60 countries and on all seven continents. The protests are taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic, during which gathering in crowds is strongly advised against in some parts of the world, and is illegal in others.