Your question: Where did John the Baptist grow up?

It is believed that he was born somewhere in Judea, located near Jerusalem, Israel, according to the New Testament. A priest of the order of Abijah, John the Baptist gained recognition as a prophet, had several disciples and baptized a number of people, including Jesus Christ, according to scripture.

When and where was John the Baptist born?

Originally Answered: How old was John the Baptist when Jesus was born? John was about 6 months older than Jesus.

How long did John the Baptist stay in the desert?

So strong was the influence of the impelling force that He was led thereby, or, as stated by the evangelist, driven, into solitary seclusion, in which He remained during forty days, “with the wild beasts” of the desert.

Where was John the disciple born?

Иоанн Богослов/Место рождения
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