How many churches are in Santorini?

As is the case throughout the Cyclades, Santorini is abundant with more than 450 churches of all shapes and sizes. The ecclesiastical architecture of Santorini is notable for its delicacy and plasticity.

Are there more churches than houses in Santorini?

Number of Churches

As is the case throughout all of the islands of the Cyclades, Santorini is abundant with more than 600 temples of all shapes and sizes. Although most of them are quite small, it is believed that there are more churches than residential houses on the island.

Why is there so many churches in Santorini?

With more than 600 temples in the whole island it becomes clear that you will most certainly set eyes on them whenever you go. This great number is a result of the locals’ efforts and religious fervor which was reinforced after the successive volcanic eruptions that hit Santorini causing tremendous damage.

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What is the famous church in Santorini?

The Three Bells of Fira (Greek: Τρεις καμπάνες των Φηρών), officially known as The Catholic Church of the Dormition, is a Greek Catholic church on the island of Santorini. The church is famed for its three bells, blue dome, and picturesque views.

Why are churches in Santorini Blue?

The blue dome churches are built on the slope of the caldera. The island of Santorini was built up by layers of lava. Major volcanic eruptions formed overlapping calderas (collapsed magma chambers). In the town of Oia, the two most famous blue-domed churches are built on the steep slope of the caldera.

Why are there so many churches in Greece?

“And on the smaller islands you will find hundreds of churches, not dozens. The reason is the experience of the danger of a life at sea prompts the building of churches dedicated to the patron saint of sailors and chapels to women in their lives, such as a mother or wife.”

What is the name of the blue domed church in Santorini?

The most photographed Santorini blue domes churches are located in Oia and are the churches of Agios Spiridonas (Saint Spyridon) and Anasteseos (the Church of the Resurrection). Both are built at the edge of the cliffs right next to one another.

How many churches are in Greece?

According to the report by the General Secretariat of Religion, of the 9,792 registered churches, 9,146 belong to parishes and 646 to monasteries. These in turn fall within the jurisdiction of the Church of Greece. Most parishes, and thus parish churches – a total of 249 – come under the Metropolis of Ioannina.

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Why does Mykonos have so many churches?

Many of the churches in Mykonos are built as a testimony of devotion or to commemorate a miracle that is believed to have transpired. But perhaps more interestingly, their large number is attributed to the time honored Mykonian custom of enshrining the bones of their dead within the walls of family temples.

What are the little churches in Greece?

Known as kandylakia the roadside shrines are usually made of wood, stone, metal or concrete. Clearly visible on the edges of the narrow winding mountainous roads, they commemorate the lives both lost and saved.

How many Catholic churches are in Santorini?

As is the case throughout the Cyclades, Santorini is abundant with more than 450 churches of all shapes and sizes. The ecclesiastical architecture of Santorini is notable for its delicacy and plasticity.

Why do churches in Greece have blue domes?

Once in Santorini, the painted arches and blue domes are sure to catch your attention, since they perfectly match the blue sky with the backdrop of the caldera and the Aegean Sea. Blue is a significant color for the Greeks as it reflects the color of their seas and skies and of their everyday life.

Why are church domes blue in Greece?

Blue and white colours became permanent when a military government came in power in the year 1967. They made it mandatory for all the buildings on the islands to be painted blue and white as they thought these colours supported their political agenda.

Why are the buildings white in Santorini?

The inhabitants, in order to confine the heat in the interior to a significant extent, had to construct their houses accordingly. The white color reflects the biggest part of the dazzling light, preventing the houses from getting warm and that was a basic goal of the traditional architecture.

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How many blue domes are in Santorini?

Three Blue Domes, Santorini –

How old is OIA?


The settlement is several centuries old; it was likely built in the 15th century and the ruins of a Venetian castle are still located there. The only way to explore around is on foot, since almost all of its alleys are paved.