How many times does the word must appear in the Bible?

2 Introduction Word “must” found in the Bible many times! –KJV – Occurs 132 times in 126 verses!

How many times does the word it appear in the Bible?

The word “it” is defined as “The neuter pronoun of the third person, corresponding to the masculine pronoun he and the feminine she, and having the same plural (they, their or theirs, them).” It appears 5431 times in the King James version of the Bible.

What does the word must mean in the Bible?

to be obliged; to be necessitated; — expressing either physical or moral necessity; as, a man must eat for nourishment; we must submit to the laws. Etymology: [OE.

How many times does the word appear in the Old Testament?

Depending on which translation you look at, some form of “ask” (e.g. “ask”, “asketh”, “asked”) appears somewhere between about 30 and about 700 times. There are a lot of translations of the Old Testament.

Where does the word must come from?

From Middle English moste (“must”, literally, “had to”, the past tense of Middle English moten (“to have to”)), from Old English mōste (“had to”), 1st & 3rd person singular past tense of mōtan (“to be allowed, be able to, have the opportunity to, be compelled to, must, may”).

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What is the mean of must?

Definition of must (Entry 2 of 4) 1 : an imperative need or duty : requirement. 2 : an indispensable item : essential exercise is a must. must.

Shall I must or May?

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that “shall” really means “may” – quite a surprise to attorneys who were taught in law school that “shall” means “must”. In fact, “must” is the only word that imposes a legal obligation that something is mandatory.

Is Must a real word?

something necessary, vital, or required:This law is a must.

Where do we use must?

Must is used to express obligation, give orders and give advice. It can only be used for present and future reference. When the past is involved, you use have to.

Does required mean must?

verb (used with object), re·quired, re·quir·ing. to have need of; need: He requires medical care. to call on authoritatively; order or enjoin to do something: to require an agent to account for money spent.