What does it mean when someone says in the Biblical sense?

Filters. (idiomatic) To have sex with someone.

What does in a biblical sense mean?

If you say you know someone but not in the biblical sense, you mean you have not had sex with them: “Did you know her?” “Yes – not in the biblical sense, of course.”

What does knew in the biblical sense mean?

know (someone) in the biblical sense

To have (or have had) sexual relations with someone.

Do you know her in the biblical sense?

In certain versions of the Bible, “to know someone” means to have sexual relations with them, as in Genesis 4:1: “And Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain.” Bob: “You know Samantha quite well, right?” Dave: “Well, I don’t know her in the biblical sense, if that’s what you’re asking.” John is looking …

What does win over in the biblical sense mean?

‘. ‘Win over’ means to convince your opponents to stand on your side, but the film’s Chinese subtitle told me ‘win over in a biblical sense’ refers to a sexual intercourse.

What does knowing someone mean?

know (someone) To have a familiarity with someone; to know who someone is.

What does it mean Adam knew his wife?

So why to know as a euphemism? It’s not a euphemism: it’s the story of sexual dominance. … Now, instead of a willing partnership, which was to have dominion over the earth, in part, by filling it up, multiplying, the primary relationship of a man to a woman is that of sexual dominance: Adam knew his wife Eve.

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