You asked: What language was the Book of Mormon?

What language did the people in the Book of Mormon speak?

The original language of the Book of Mormon is stated to be Egyptian, but written in a script that the Book of Mormon writers referred to as “the reformed Egyptian” script.

What was the Book of Mormon translated from?

Mormons believe that 185 years ago, Smith found gold plates engraved with writing in ancient Egyptian in upstate New York. They say that God helped him translate the text using the stone and other tools, which became known as the Book of Mormon.

How many languages is the Book of Mormon written in?

As of 2021, the Book of Mormon has been translated into 115 languages, and there are active projects to translate it into a number of other languages. Portions of the book, as opposed to complete translations, have also been conducted for another 20 languages.

Was the Book of Mormon Hebrew?

Since the Book of Mormon is largely the record of a Hebrew people, is the writing characteristic of the Hebrew language? John A. … A thousand years later, Moroni recorded that his people still spoke Hebrew but that the plates were being written in a script called “reformed Egyptian.” (See Morm. 9:32–34.)

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What language did Joseph Smith translate the Book of Mormon from?

According to Mormon understanding, Smith translated the Book of Mormon, dictating to a scribe hundreds of pages of an English-language narrative taken from centuries-old gold plates inscribed in “reformed Egyptian.”

Who transcribed the Book of Mormon?

Joseph Smith and his scribes wrote of two instruments used in translating the Book of Mormon. According to witnesses of the translation, when Joseph looked into the instruments, the words of scripture appeared in English.

How many languages do LDS missionaries speak?

While the Provo MTC teaches 56 languages (31 of which require the MTC-maximum nine weeks of training), the Church also has 14 international MTCs that teach a total of 7 foreign languages. And each instructor who teaches a language is either a native speaker or is fluent thanks to his or her own missionary service.

What was the first language the Book of Mormon was translated into?

The first non-English translation of the Book of Mormon was the Danish edition in 1851.

How many copies of the Book of Mormon have been printed 2020?

As of October 2020, it has published more than 192 million copies of the Book of Mormon.

How many languages has the Bible been translated into?

The Bible has been translated into many languages from the biblical languages of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. As of September 2020 the full Bible has been translated into 704 languages, the New Testament has been translated into an additional 1,551 languages and Bible portions or stories into 1,160 other languages.

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How many languages did Joseph Smith speak?

There are varying degrees of language proficiency, so “speaking” a language covers a lot of ground. Joseph Smith Jr had a functional grasp of German, Hebrew and perhaps some Greek. There are records of his interest in Egyptian and Latin. I don’t think anyone is claiming Smith had mastered any language besides English.